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OnePlus has just confirmed the official announcement date for the OnePlus 8 Series and with around two weeks to go. what's up guys Shantanu here in this we're gonna break down all the leaks and rumors supercell style so firstly it does look like we're gonna have at least two one plus devices the one plus state as well as the one plus eight pros. there are also some rumors that there may be a one plus eight-light but we don't know too much about that device as yet but we do know quite a bit about the eight and the eight pros.


initially, if we look at the front of the devices from all the leaks rumors that we see they do look pretty much exactly the same as the Oppo find x2 series so we've got curved displays minimal bezels with a punch-out towards the left-hand side .now this is kind of expected because Oppo is a sister company for one plus and we've seen this many times before where Oppo announces something new and then those features eventually do trickle down to the one plus series and this is not necessarily a bad thing because they find x2 Pro currently has one of the best displays in the market. so the one plus 8 pro is gonna have a six-point seven eight-inch display this is what one plus are gonna be calling a superfluid AMOLED display and that is because it's gonna have a 120 Hertz refresh rate with a quad HD plus resolution now having used defined x2 Pro for the better part of last month.
I can tell you that this is a really really nice display it's very smooth it's very sharp the colors are great the brightness is also on point so I'm personally not disappointed that this is making its way to the one+ 8 Pro .now the one+ 8 although it's gonna look very similar from the front it's going to be a 6.5 five-inch fluid AMOLED display it's gonna have a full HD plus resolution with a 90 hat refresh still a high refresh rate but not quite on the level of the one+ 8 Pro and both devices are also gonna have an in-display optical fingerprint scanner like we've seen from OnePlus some of you guys may be disappointed that we have a punch-up now and not a pop-up camera giving the full-screen experience that we saw on the one+ 7 Pro as well as a one+ 7 Pro but it looks like OnePlus may be doing this because the OnePlus 8 pro at least is gonna have an official IP 68 water and dust resistant rating.


now having mechanical moving parts does make getting an official IP rating difficult so this may be one of the reasons why they've done this.I'm not too sure what do you guys think about the punch-out is it something that's it you don't mind or would you have preferred a pop out definitely let me know in the comments below .now although the OnePlus 8 pro is gonna have that official IP rate saying the one+ 8 is not gonna have that official IP rating so it's still probably gonna be pretty water and dust resistant except it's just not gonna have that rating to keep that price lower now this takes us on to the build and design .so both devices do have curved glass from the front and curved glass from the back as well with a metal frame and from the back realistically speaking these do look quite similar to what we had on the OnePlus 7 pro.

last year so we do have a center camera module on both devices and we also going to be getting a few new colors so on the one plus April there's going to be a black a blue as well as a green. with the one+ 8 there's gonna be a black also green as well as a glow color which is a bit of a multi-color similar to what we've seen on the note 10 but this is gonna have more of a matte finish compared to that glossy finish on the note 10 now. let's talk a little bit about the cameras so the one plus 8 pro is gonna have a quad camera setup where is the one+ 8 is gonna have a triple camera setup now let's initially talk about the one+8 parole because this is where the cameras have taken a bit of a leap forward. some of the cameras are once again quite similar to defined x2 Pro so the primary camera is a 48-megapixel camera it's Sony's new imx6 8 9 sensors with an F 1.8 aperture it's quite a large sensor size and this time around the odd wide camera is also 40 mega pick it's got an F 2.2 aperture.


it's using Sony's IMX 586 sensor what's interesting is that this is the sensor that was used in the primary camera of the last year's of one-plus devices .so this is now being used for the ultra-wide camera so definitely a welcome improvement here .now with both of these cameras although they are 48 megapixels you are going to be using pixel binning and you will be shooting at around 12 megapixels on a general basis and for the third camera on the 8 probes it is going to be a telephoto camera with 8 megapixels and this is going to give 3 times optical zoom and up to 30 times the digital zoom so it's not gonna be on at the level of the periscope zoom. that we've got on the find x2 Pro and finally the fourth camera is quite interesting because this is a 5-megapixel color filter camera. now what it's exactly gonna do I'm not too sure at this point in time but we have heard rumored that there are going to be some new features such as a new night portrait mode 3 HDR video as well as cinematic effects.

camera spec.

so I'm assuming this new camera is gonna help towards some of these new features now for the one+ 8 you're not gonna be getting cameras quite at the level of the one+ 8 Pro so you're gonna have a primary 48-megapixel camera there's also a 16-megapixel ultra-wide camera, as well as a 2-megapixel depth sensor both devices are gonna, have a 16-megapixel front-facing camera. speaking of the performance of the internals you'll be pleased to know that both of these are going to be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset along with the X 55 modem to enable 5g.
for storage, both devices are going to be available in either 128 or 256 good buy options with us 3.0 storage so this is going to be super fast now for the ramp they're both going to be available in either 8 or 12 gigabytes of RAM .but the one plus 8 pros are gonna have faster OPPD or 5 RAM for the software as expected Android 10 with oxygen OS .on top one plus devices in my experience some of the fastest devices out there so I've got no doubt that this is also going to carry on here on the new one plus devices for this because both Agata has stereo speakers is gonna be one bottom-firing as well as one in the earpiece.


the batteries one+ 8 pro is gonna come in with a larger 4510 milliamp-hour battery versus the 4300 milliamp-hour battery on at the one+ 8 both devices are gonna support. one plus is 30 watt walk charge so this is very very fast charging it's not quite on the level from Opel with their 65 watt Superbook 2.0 but what's interesting is that the one plus 8 pro finally for the first time on a one plus device is gonna have wireless charging. what's even more exciting is that this is gonna be 30 what wireless charging so it's gonna be very very fast.

About charging

one+now one plus have traditionally said that the reason they've not gone with wireless charging is that it's just not going to be on the same speed as wide charging but it looks like they've managed to figure this out with wireless charging technology getting better and better and this is very exciting. it's something that I definitely do miss whenever I'm using a one+ device there's also gonna be wireless power share so being able to reverse wireless charge using the one+ 8 Pro .although this is going to be pretty slow at just 3 watts this also indicates to me that one plus is likely to be introducing some wireless earbuds that you can wirelessly charge on the one plus 8 Pro.

OnePlus 8 series

OnePlus 8 series

again this is just me guessing but it seems to be quite likely the one plus 8 however is not gonna be getting while it's charging unfortunately now what about pricing and availability so with these new features and the official IP rating and things like that the price is, of course, gonna be higher compared to what we had last year. there's no real definitive pricing out as yet but I'd expect the one plus 8 pro to come in around 800 to 850 pounds .maybe this would put it more in line with some of the flagships that are competing with on the one+ 8. I would predict will be coming in at around 650 pounds that's my guess based on the features that have come in with and comparing it to last year's models in terms of availability they are likely to be ship out maybe a week or two after the official announcement date which is on the 14th of April . of course as soon as the announcement is made I'm going to be doing lots of coverage here in the blog.

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